Special Education

Special Education

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool #8

Taking a Look at the Tools

As a Life Skills teacher, I have already received 2 IPads from Special Education. I am supposed to get a touchscreen computer in the regular roll-out. I will not receive any of the notebooks or Mac books. I have already received training on how to use the IPads. Originally, I have just downloaded some game type apps and let the students at it. I am very surprised at how fast and natural the Life Skills students took to the IPads. These tools seemed to transcend many of their developmental delays. This is good news and I am going to be taking advantage of this. I will be looking for more educational apps and apps that I can use to supplement my teaching and accentuate their learning. I will also be looking into how the IPad can help in ways that do not use apps.

I like the way that the IPad can be synced with each other and ITunes so that when I download an app on one, it automatically downloads the app on the others. I also like the way that the district helps the teacher in finding appropriate apps for the classroom through a special database.

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