Special Education

Special Education

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tool #4

Moving Up to the Clouds

Considering that our Life Skills group is spread about the school, I think it would come in handy for polling others for opinions on departmental ideas or if a project is already started, specifics pertaining to that project. In the past, I have done a shopping trip for teachers with my students. Whoever picks it up this year can use Google Docs to get shopping orders. While my students are quite adept at surfing the net and playing games on the computer, their ability to comprehend using email may be a little compromised. However, this year things may change and I may have some of the higher Life Skills students and we can see how we might use this technology. 

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  1. Its going to be very interesting year to see how our Life Skills group develops and how we intergrate all this technology.
    I do agree with the idea/concept of polling other about their thoughts.